Let's get started!

Before you can use the features of this website, you'll need to sign up for a free account. Click Here.

After you've logged in to the the site, let's proceed with some initial configurations!

  1. The first thing that we'll configure is the Category. There are two types of Category: income and expense. The site has populated some common categories like Food, Grocery, Transportation, etc. You can add your own by going to the "Configure Category" page. (MoneyTracker > Settings > Configure Category) Configure Category

  2. The second thing that we'll configure is the Household Member. The site has already created a member for you (called "Myself"). Besides yourself, you might also want to keep track of the earnings and spendings by other members of your household. You can do that by adding more members to your household by going to the "Confgure Household Member" page (MoneyTracker > Settings > Configure Household Member) Configure Household Member

Now that you've configured the settings. Let's go to Expense Tracker/Income Tracker and start keeping track of your expenses and incomes!

Expense Tracker

Income Tracker

You can run different types of reports to see the summary of your expenses and incomes!


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